"To unify Education, Industries and Communities in order to create sustainable growth for all creatives."

COLAB Vietnam is the first Vietnam-based organisation that builds partnerships and connects different stakeholders within the local creative eco-system in order to promote and strengthen the sustainable development of the Creative Industries on both local and global levels

Asia Music & Performing Arts Education (AMPA Education) is an international non-governmental organisation which aims to provide platforms for young children to be able to touch and feel the arts.

Vietnam International Reggio Emilia Society (VIRES) is a non-profit social enterprise that endeavours to protect and promote Vietnamese young children's rights and potentials through the Reggio Emilia Approach® in early education.

The Wild Rhino campaign uses multimedia marketing channels, competitions and firsthand African wildlife experiences, to teach the youth of Vietnam about rhino protection, and to motivate them to become ambassadors for the cause.