Admin cum Project Coordinator

Địa điểm: 214 Pasteur Quận 3

Hình thức: Toàn thời gian

The Admin cum Project Coordinator is a full-time position reporting to the SMPAA Director of Music.

The function of Job:

Under administrative review of Director of Music, provide administrative academic support to faculty and students in a complex academic department, assist Director with administrative matters, and supervise department office staff and operations.

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Cooperate and assist the Director, from project planning to staff management.
  2. Work with internal departments to follow working processes and help improve the quality of programs.
  3. Nurturing positive working relationships with staff.
  4. Assist department director in daily administrative functions including scheduling and faculty assignments.
  5. Assist departmental faculty in academic matters in such areas as reviewing academic records and course assignments.
  6. Coordinate all academic advising for students and prospective students in the department.
  7. Write and edit department program informational materials and present informational programs to students.
  8. Assemble data, prepare administrative reports, and handle communications for Director of Music as requested.
  9. Coordinate faculty recruitment and hiring
  10. Review and recommend changes in internal operating and academic procedures, as necessary.
  11. Assist in resolving problems and responding to questions concerning academic department.
  12. Coordinate departmental information and process with other departments.
  13. Perform related duties, as assigned.
Minimum Acceptable Qualifications:
  1. Bachelor’s degree and three years of related experience in educational management.
  2. Good organizational skills including attention to detail and multitasking skills.
  3. Strong communication skills in Vietnamese and English.
  4. Proven working experience in project management.
  5. Excellent interpersonal skills.
  6. Supervisory experience.